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800KVA static frequency converter

De bonne qualité Convertisseur statique de fréquence en ventes
De bonne qualité Convertisseur statique de fréquence en ventes
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800KVA static frequency converter

Chine 800KVA static  frequency converter fournisseur

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Détails sur le produit:

Place of Origin: China
Nom de marque: BOS
Certification: CE
Model Number: AC60

Conditions de paiement et expédition:

Minimum Order Quantity: 10
Packaging Details: plywood packing
Payment Terms: T/T
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Description de produit détaillée

800KVA static  frequency converter

Best of system (B.O.S) is a global manufacturer which specialize in designing and manufacturing the frequency converter. The products are with high reliability, result from the most advanced technique of the aerospace and the military. Max. Capacity:4000kva.


1. Development Background


Because all the world is not at the same frequency,our shore frequency converter technology has been developed to bridge the gap in today's industry environments where equipments has different voltages and frequencies.It provides the economical solution for converting power from 60Hz and 50Hz frequencies.The ships mostly use the electricity 440/690Vac .60Hz,but government grid is 400Vac/50Hz, so it can't be used directly. In the past, it is not only with the fuel consumption, noise, but also with the poor quality electricity output to adopt the rotary frequency converter . 60Hz shore static frequency converter with advanced SPWM converter technology.Compared with Diesel Generator, it not only save 30% costs, but also protects environment and output pure quality electricity.


2.Product Overview


BOS series shore static frequency converter,with IGBT converter technology and digital processing,transform the voltage 400V / 50Hz three-phase into 440V ~ 480V/60Hz. It widely used in the ships, ship building,the garage, the platform and the wharf which has to change 50hz industrial electricity to 60hz high quality electricity.






BOS series shore static frequency converter adopts Canada high performance converter technology. The PCB circuit board uses the coating curing process and the output transformer uses the overall vacuum impregnation insulating paint and spraying high temperature protective paint processing,which has the high insulation level and protective ability. The moisture proof and dust proof are IP54. The cabinet body uses spray treatment,so the protection grade reaches IP22. The case where to install air conditioning can adopt fully enclosed chassis, the protection grade can be IP54,which in full compliance with Classification Society CCS marine product certification standards.


Key features and flexibility


Ø High system availability through advanced power module redundancy

Ø Capacity to provide output immunity to input disturbances (for voltage sags and frequency shifts)

Ø The unity power factor rectifier with a THD of <3% provides lower harmonics

Ø Aligned to inflexible space constraints

Ø Minimal operating and maintenance costs

Ø Protects sensitive and expensive loads

Ø Clean sine wave output voltage

Ø Unity power factor, sine wave, active rectifier design

Ø Modular design giving high reliability and short repair times

Ø Fully isolated AC connection using an output transformer

Ø Wide range of voltages available, 50Hz and 60Hz

Ø Small footprint design

Ø Internal web server and Mod-bus TCP allows remote monitoring

Ø Output cable voltage drop compensation

Ø Seamless generator change over option (synchronization)

Ø Generator emulation and load sharing


Typical applications

Ø 50 to 60Hz or 60 to 50Hz industrial applications

Ø Dockside converter allows generators to be turned off while at port to save fuel and eliminate pollution

Ø Replacement of motor generator sets

Ø As a clean power supply to isolate an unstable grid from a critical load

3.BOS shore static frequency converter modules structure:


BOS shore static frequency converter modules contains IGBT, SMPS, radiator, electrolysis, capacitance, driver board, copper plate etc. The modules adopts IGBT converter technology, with the advantage of high reliability, small capacity, large making material savings, light weight, move easily. In the design of the structure, it gets the switch power and the module M57962AL together, that can save more space and take more strong ability. It will reduce 50% cost than similar products produced by other countries. It enhances system reliability, and more evenly distributed, more compact structure, elegant and beautiful.


A.High reliability:

The main components uses original German Infineon IGBT converter module and the drive protection uses original Infineon. Perfect drive ensure all the system reliable operation .


B.Fast dynamic response (patent technology):

Double closed-loop feedback circuit, inner loop current ensure nonlinear load waveform non-distortion; the outer loop voltage drop is less than 1% when sudden load pressure. The reaction speed is less than 2ms.


C.Good human-computer interface, high measuring accuracy:

Voltage, current, frequency, power and power factor four window measuring display. We use the well-known manufacturers of meter and the precision grade 0.5.


D.Strong overload capacity:

Power device application is reasonable. It can withstand 2 times the rated current impact, and will not cause voltage drop.


E.Excellent stability:

Frequency stability is ≤ 0.01%, the output frequency is made by quartz oscillator shocks produce, so it is very stable, precise frequency.


F.Full digital control:

Using AVR single chip microcomputer as the central control unit. The powerful computing capability of most traditional hardware control is replaced by software, the status display at a glance.


G.The industry's highest power density saves the installation space as far as possible.

One 800KVA shore static frequency converter dimension is just 3260 * 1200 * 2000mm. Multiple modules connected in parallel high-capacity systems, it not only beautiful but also make the max power density for the user.


4.Shore frequency converter using DSP control technology with intelligent and automation:


A with 7 inch LCD touch screen, can monitor and display the shore frequency converter operation state, parameter, generator electricity, error type .


B.using Modbus communication protocol, matching the PC monitoring software, can realize remote monitoring by computer.

(can be real-time remote monitoring the converter start and stop, display the frequency converter operation state, parameter, generator electricity, error type by computer)

Modbus has the following characteristics:

(1) standard, open, free, users can use Modbus protocol safely, do not need to pay a licensefee, will not infringe the intellectual property rights.

(2) the Modbus can support a variety of electrical interfaces, such as RS-232, RS-485 etc, also can be transmitted in a variety of media, such as twisted pair, fiber, wireless.


(3) the Modbus frame format is simple, compact, easy to understand. The user is easy to operate.


C.with DSP control technology which has the advantages of fast calculation speed and high precision; DSP chip make strengthen the power management,reducing power consumption.


D.with DSP chip which integrate peripheral circuit in the interior chip, can achieve precise control, the circuit can realize full digital circuit, strong anti-interference ability, simple debugging and maintenance, low failure rate. Only need to upgrade the software control algorithm can quickly improve product performance;


E. The microprocessor on the PCB is a multipurpose, programmable device that accepts digital data as input, processes it according to instructions stored in its memory, and provides results as output. It is an example of sequential digital logic, as it has internal memory. Microprocessor make the converter more intelligent and automation


Technical parameters:

model 331000 331500 332000 333000 334000 335000 336000 338000 331200
Capacity(KVA) 100 150 200 300 400 500 600 800 1200



Voltage 400V±15% 3phase 4wires or 3phase 5wires
Frequency 45-65Hz
Power Factor ≥0.90
Output Voltage 3phase 3 wires ,voltage(300-500V/690)can be chosen
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz can be chosen
Frequency Stability ≤0.01%(0-100% when load are changing,output frequency are not changing )
Load Stability ≤3%(100% pure resistance load)
Overload Ability 110% 1hour ,150% 10minutes, 200% 10s
Wave Distortion Pure sine wave,THD≤3%
Efficiency ≥90%(100% loads)
Display Input/output voltage/ frequency,3phase phase voltage/current,active power .working time.history error etc.
Control mode IGBT/SPWM Pulse width adjustment mode
Protection Class IP54
Insulation Reactance >2MΩ
Pressure endurance Insulation 1800Vac/5Ma/1minute
Noise Level 50dBA @1meter
Cooling Model Converter:heat pipe cooling transformer:Compulsive fan cooling
Protection Function The output power supply have perfect protection function of over voltage, over current, short circuit, converter overheat . Consider the different control of the ship's electricity load, when the output load capacity reach the set value,will alarm, so as to control the electricity load
Environment -10℃~+50℃ and 0~90%
Indoor Dimension (W×L×H)mm








3100*830*2260 4100*830*2260
Outdoor Dimension (W×L×H)mm 3300*2400*2600 4500*2400*2600 6000*2400*2600

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